The Weight of Technology is on Everybody's shoulders.

In the last 12 months, more than one billion people have used a smartphone. Many of them bent forward to view the screen, putting undue stress on their spines.

Cervicothoracic kyphosis (also called dowager's hump) was once associated with ageing. Now it is a condition causing pain and discomfort to people across all age groups. Young people have started shrinking before they have even finished growing.
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Neck pain affects 10% of the population each year. Many studies have been done. Some have used fighter pilots as test subjects and some have used office workers. Only when a recent study linked kyphosis to smartphone use, did the media start to cover the subject. I refer to Kenneth K Hansraj MD and his paper,  Assessment of stress in the cervical spine caused by posture and position of the head.  This study clearly illustrated the danger of postures adopted with smartphone and tablet use.

Australian Physiotherapist, Alex Sherborne, has designed a Pilates-based piece of exercise equipment to specifically address this problem named NeckTek . By strengthening the deep neck extensor muscles through resistance exercise, people are better able to support their head in a forward posture. They are also more inclined to stand up straight at other times.