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Frequently asked questions

What is causing your neck pain? 

  • Gravity and changes in load.  The neck has 16 small muscles, joints, and bones that must work together to balance and support 5-6 kilos of bone, brain, and blood.  

  • Any injury or habit that changes how these muscle, bones, and joints work will contribute to head and neck dysfunction and possibly headaches and neck pain.  

  • These injuries may include muscle strain, ligament/joint strains, nerve compression, muscle imbalances and postural changes.
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    Is NeckTek suitable for children and adolescents?
    Yes. Provided the band is not threaded too tightly it should be perfectly comfortable for children over 10 years of age. NeckTek is especially useful in addressing the postural problems of tech-addicted teenagers. It has been trialled at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for the past two years. For specific concerns contact us, your doctor or physiotherapist.
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    Can NeckTek help with migraines?
    Yes. NeckTek has developed a migraine treatment protocol available readily available on YouTube to help patients at the first onset of pain. Depending on your trigger, this can be a very effective treatment. When used to correct posture, NeckTek has the potential to greatly reduce recurrence of postural and stress headaches.
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    Does the NeckTek band come with different colours?
    The NeckTek is supplied with one mid-strength yellow elastomer band. Bands of different strength and colour are suitable for people moving onto advanced exercises. Contact us and we can advise, supply and put you in touch with suppliers in your area. The bands will need to be replaced over time and will deteriorate more quickly when exposed to sunlight or a warm climate.
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    I've had spinal surgery is NeckTek safe for me?
    Most spinal surgeons have a three month specific post-operative protocol that may include the use of NeckTek. In general, the use of a gentle resistance exercise is encouraged and most surgeons are happy for you to return to gentle exercise after three months. Please consult your doctor.
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    What's the science behind NeckTek?
    The science behind NeckTek is evidence-based.Three peer-reviewed studies on retraction exercises and neck pain are available on our Home page. Further clinical research is happening now. Contact us to forward links to more studies.
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    Do you have to lay on the floor to use NeckTek?
    No. Necktek can be used on the floor, on a yoga mat, on a bed or sitting against a wall.
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    Do you offer a wholesale NeckTek price for medical practitioners?
    Yes. Please contact us to get special prices and shipping costs on bulk orders.
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    Can I use NeckTek with hot and cold packs?
    Yes. This is illustrated in our YouTube migraine protocol.
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    Are there any restrictions or contra indicators for NeckTek use?
    NeckTek is safe to use for most people and in most medical conditions. After surgery, after spinal fracture and when suffering from osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, care and professional advice should be taken before embarking on any exercise program. You should experience no pain or dizziness when using NeckTek. Please consult your medical professional to be sure.
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    Does NeckTek work for everyone?
    No treatment will ever address 100% of people. We currently have have several hundred devices sold or are in use in clinical trials. NeckTek has had wide-ranging overwhelmingly positive results, but if it doesn't work for you we will provide a full refund of the purchase price.